A dark storm emanates from the East
It brings with it hell and brimstone
Only the bald vultures shall feast
From what is left of our hope

A new kind of horror emerges
Decapitated heads and shattered limbs
Bodies lay helpless in the open field
Demons reap from the robust harvest

An aftermath of a marriage
A marriage of convenience
The third wife is driven by vengeance; hate and propaganda
The five prodigal sons yearns for their bounty

An ethnic cleansing is inevitable.
The Eastern gateway is brought down again
River Niger is drunk with blood
Survivors pray for deaths…

The Politics of Abortion

Author conversing with women on sexual and reproductive rights during a workshop in Kano

Fetal viability often commences towards the last weeks of the second trimester. That is, when a fetus stands a chance of surviving outside the womb — without extraordinary life-sustaining measures.

In designing abortion laws, this plays a crucial role.

Across the globe, many countries prohibit abortion — without justification — after the 24th week. Some prohibit after 12, 13, 18 & 22 weeks of gestation. Few don't prohibit it at all.

There are other factors to consider too which may be state-centred or individual centred. For instance: population, religion/culture, rape, incest, human rights, safety of mother…

Ebonyi State and the Law Against Domestic Violence:

Generally, the few states with Laws Against Domestic Violence (LADV), like Ebonyi and Lagos states - have these laws as Civil laws (but still contain few criminal provisions) - where claimants/petitioners can possess reasonable control over the wheels of justice, unlike in criminal cases where they would be mere prosecutrixes, with little or no control over the turning of the [slow] wheels of justice.

Typically, these laws exist side by side with the Criminal Code Laws and the Violence Against Persons (VAPP) Laws - an array of laws designed to protect and…


Few of the notable deficiencies of the Violence Against Persons Prohibition (VAPP) Act of 2015 are its inability to criminalise spousal rape and provide adequate protection to persons living with disabilities - even though this was (sparsely) addressed by the Discrimination Against Persons with Disabilities (Prohibition) Act of 2018. Sadly, both laws are inoperable at the subnational level without first being enacted by the Houses of Assembly of various states.

Group Picture of the 30 Gender Advocates after the 2-day Workshop in Kano State
Group Picture of the 30 Gender Advocates after the 2-day Workshop in Kano State

On the 2nd and 3rd of February, 2021, I was in Kano state in a project…


By Charles E. Uche Esq.

Photo Credit: Stephen Akinfala

In Nigeria, leadership is arguably the greatest challenge inhibiting the country’s socio-economic and political progression. For a greater part of October 2020, Nigeria witnessed a revolution which emanated from social media. This revolution was embodied and catalyzed by the #EndSARS movement that campaigned for the dissolution of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), an end to police brutality, justice for victims of police brutality and accountability of police officers found culpable.

The government, in its bid to evade accountability of her citizens’ demands…

Random Recollections 6

“Young boy..."😅

When the Jungle was a Jungle!

Just going through my files and came across these:

1. Letter of admission (result of exam and interview).
2. Fees breakdown and Prospectus
3. MBJ Code of Conduct.

I wrote my entrance exam at CKC Parish, Aba. I vividly recall the presence of Bro. Mark Omede (his name and phone numbers appears at the bottom of the Fees breakdown document).

The first time I heard the word "truant" was from the lips of Rev. Bro. …

Material Differences Between the Freedom of Information Act and the Ekiti State Freedom of Information Law:

The best laws - with the most altruistic intentions - can often be jeopardized and misanthropic in application.

After Nigeria joined the Open Government Partnership (OGP) in 2016, I wrote an article where I did an appraisal of the Freedom of Information Act (FOI). Then, the legal and applicability conundrums that we currently face with the Act had not arisen. Presently, we have 2 conflicting decisions of the Court of Appeal on the applicability of the FOI Act to state governments (Alo V. Ondo…

On the Alleged Incorporation of Draconian NGO Regulatory Provisions into the New CAMA -
Here are my thoughts:

Firstly, I have to say that we don’t particularly have much to worry about. The very draconian provisions of the NGO Regulations Bill we dreaded few years back is not included in the 2020 Companies and Allied Matters Act (CAMA).

Surely, there are concerns mostly because all this are new and many penalty fees are not stated by the CAMA but are to be "prescribed" by the Commission (CAC) through a regulation.

Possible "Issue" Concerns;
1. Section 839: empowers the CAC to Suspend…

A Friendly Chat Turned Interview - Blasphemy:

Do you know someone who can actually confirm he (Sharif-Aminu) has been sentenced?
I will need a confirmation beyond what the media scene.

I have messaged a Muslim lawyer friend on this, I await feedback. Sometimes, copies of judgements can be accessed. But the Sharia court system is not as open as the conventional court.
Alternatively is to get in touch with his lawyers for more details/confirmation and this I do not know.

When can it be appealed? And can you elaborate on the right to appeal? What is the status…


Aba is a major commercial city and a former colonial, industrial stronghold located in Abia state, South-Eastern Nigeria. Hence, one may conclusively yet erroneously assume that Aba is built on the pillars of Industry and Commerce.

In fact, when you say Aba outside the city, the first thing(s) that would come to anyone's mind is "business", and in furtherance of that, filled with ingenious, resilient and industrious people, amongst other negative and positive things. …

Charles E. Uche Esq.

Law and Development | Transitional Justice. Staff Attorney, Connected Development [CODE].

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